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Instructions for Downloading the Free Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is required for you to read the Baby Shower Games and bonus ebooks. Chances are you already it installed on your computer. Before you go through the process of downloading the Reader, try double-clicking on one of your ebooks to see if you can read it. If not, follow the directions below.

These instructions may seem long and complicated, but some of the steps will vary depending upon your operating system. I've tried to include everything you might encounter with this Adobe Reader download.

These instructions have been modified 4/30/07 for Adobe Reader 8.0.

To Download the Free Adobe Reader

  1. Click here to go to Adobe's website.
  2. Click the yellow "Continue" button.
  3. De-select the checkmark next to "Free Google Toolbar" and press the "Download Adobe Reader" button.
  4. If the yellow Info Bar appears above the page that says "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options...", click the bar and select "Download file". It may instead say something about an Active-X control. Click the bar to install also.
  5. If a dialog box appears with the option to "Run" or "Save" the file, click "Run."
  6. There may be a second dialog box that asks if your want to "Run" or "Don't Run" this file. Click "Run." Adobe download manager will now download the file onto your computer.
  7. If a dialog box asks you to "Install Now" or "Install Later", click "Install Now."
  8. If a dialog box asks you to close a program or file in order to continue with the installation, close the window that is mentioned and press "Retry." (I'm sorry that I don't have the exact wording of the message that appears - I got the message once and haven't been able to recreate it since. I had to close all of the internet windows I had open in order for the installation to continue - basically I got off the internet completely so the installation could continue.)
  9. If a dialog box asks for a download location, just click "OK" for whatever location is already selected. You do not need to keep track of where it's located. Whenever you click on an ebook, your computer knows where the Reader is and will automatically open it.
  10. If the Install Wizard appears on your screen, follow the instructions (basically you keep pressing "Next" until it's finished). Then press "Finish."
  11. You now have Adobe Reader on your computer. When you double click on an ebook, such as the Baby Shower Games, Adobe Reader will automatically open and allow you to read that ebook.

If you still have trouble after you try these instructions, go to Adobe's Help page here, or contact me here and I'll be glad to walk you through the process.

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